Project 2

Typography Timeline:

We will explore as a class the historic classification of type along with production techniques in Adobe Indesign.

The class will work together to create a timeline documenting the evolution of typography from the origins of writing to the present. The timeline will include all developments in typography from the first known alphabets and early systems of writing, through the invention of movable type and the printing press, to the advent of the computer.

Select from your 10–15 images of what happened to typography during your time period. Use key images that most illustrate how lettering changed due to what was going on during that time. Select images that show – closeup – how letters looked.

You must be conscious of HIGH RESOLUTION FILES and organize them into a folder of images along with the captions.

  1. Select key images & their caption information
  2. Layout in InDesign, Tabloid (11×17″), horizontal
  3. Place the Timeline Grid on bottom layer
  4. Make a layer and create a line for your timeline using the Timeline Grid as guide.
  5. Use different layers for: time line, images, text, background color