Type Contrast 2- Words & Contrast

For this project, we will explore how to create emphasis with TYPE ONLY.

Project: Use a book cover design to see how 7 different forms of contrast can alter meaning and emphasis.

Mandatory reading
> Seven Principles of Typographic Contrast

  1. contrast of SIZE
  2. contrast of WEIGHT
  3. contrast of FORM
  4. contrast of STRUCTURE
  5. contrast of TEXTURE
  6. contrast of COLOR
  7. contrast of DIRECTION

Step one: Explorations in typographic contrast.

1. Choose a book, Select 2 words from the cover title.


2. Using the layout format shown below, create a file in InDesign with the 2 words in each box. Create a CONTRAST EXAMPLE using the same words with different contrast types.

3- Explore ways to illustrate your theme using each of the typographic contrasts listed.
Explore ONE contrast for each of the seven examples.

You may use ONLY the fonts listed below.

Do not forget the importance of placement and proximity!


example of first 2 contrast boxes:



Thao-Bui---Typographic-Contrast-Part-1Thao B.