Project: Party Invitation

Goal: Our next project will be an invitation to a Party.  You decide what text you want to use.
In this project you may use either InDesign or Illustrator.

  • Think about the Display font you want to use to convey a tone about the party.
  • We will work with wordspacing as well as linespacing. To understand wordspacing, look here.
  • We will work with black, white and 1 color. We will look at how color is defined in printing as either Spot or Process. Consult Chapter 5 of the Designing with Type book.

Design Specs:

  • Size: 5″ x 7″
  • 1 Display font for the title.
  • Body copy: Use 1 font

Design elements:

  • Invitation Text – i.e. ‘you are invited to’
  • Name of party
  • Date, Time, Address, RSVP
  • 1 Image- monochromatic
  • Black, White and 1 Color