Guidelines for Image Research

Find 10–15 images of the most momentous events that occurred during your time period.

  1. MOST of the images should reflect something about type and show the characteristics of the typography being used during your time period.
  2. Select from your 10–15 images of what happened to typography during your time period. Use key images that most illustrate how lettering changed due to what was going on during that time. Select images that show – closeup – how letters looked.

    You must be conscious of HIGH RESOLUTION FILES and organize them into a folder of images along with the captions.

  • Ask yourself how type is being created or used? Is it being done by hand or machine?
  • Look at using different sizes and different “strengths” of the images  (i.e. are they black and white, tinted black and white, and/or full-strength color?). Your images can be “framed” or silhouetted.
  • Remember to get hi-res images. Use the links on the blog FIRST.
    If you use Google, be sure the images are authentic, not someone has done recently. To find them on Google images>top bar>Search tools>Size>Larger than>2MP Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 10.00.01 AM

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