Project 15 – Magazine Layout

DUE ON TUESDAY, MAY 10 – Printouts of your Magazine Layout. Complete as much as possible. We will look at the layout PRINTED as a way of deciding what needs changing, editing or tweaking.


  • Create a Double Page Spread Magazine Layout.
  • Copy a layout from your favorite magazine.
  • Select a TOPIC that fits with the magazine’s content
    Make it specific to what you want to design: Sports, Music, Current Events, Politics, Food, Travel, etc.
  • This is a magazine story, not an ad. It should be about something or someone.
    Pictures: Gather from on-line sources or your own pics.
    Text:  create your own headlines; use Lorem Ipsum for body copy –
    You may also use information on the topic online –

You can look at this pinterest board for ideas

  • Make thumbnail sketches first


  • A DOUBLE PAGE spread using Facing Pages-Remember: a Double Page Spread is 2 Facing Pages designed to be seen together.
  • Each page is 8.5×11″ with 1/2″ margins for type but no margins for pictures (bleed over edge)
  • This is a 4-color job [CMYK] – use Swatches menu for color
  • The text must be in a text type ( serif or san serif), i.e. not display.
  • The text or body copy must not be larger & may be smaller than 12 points on 14
  • Leading: 12/14; preferably 11/13 or 10/12
  • Use at least 2 columns and use styling (paragraph or character)
  • The headline can be in a display type using a larger size and placement for the headline.
  • Pictures must be opened in Photoshop, changing the resolution to 150 dpi and making the picture smaller if necessary. Save the file as a CMYK Tiff.
  • Place (com D) the images.; Use Ruler lines to grid out layout

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