Creating Readability – NYTimes layout

What are the basic ways to manipulate type and thus create emphasis on a page?

You will explore the communicative possibilities that can arise from shifts in size,
placement and coupling word with image.

You will work with a text doc to create a page from the New York TImes
Look at a newspaper & what do you see?
Use one or more of the photos alongside the text.

1.Go to the NY Times Arts Section online

2. Get an image(s) & text for an article

3. Re-Create the article in InDesign – up to 17″ high x 11″ wide

  • First, set up your page size (17″ x 11″), margins & columns (you decide on the margin & gutter measurements)
  • Then, place your text. Use Com B to make columns in the text box.
  • Remember to make a HEADER, SUBHEAD & BODY COPY.
  • Place images wherever you think they would be appropriate. Use text wrap to wrap the text around the image.

Explore ways to illustrate the theme of the article.
a) Create a header
b) Create body copy
c) Create captions for the images.

Your goal is to explore these different forms of contrast, but also
to see how their careful use can alter meaning and emphasis.
Do not forget the importance of placement and proximity!

4. Print your file.


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