Find the Font Project

In this project you will match a font in an existing sign from the street.  This will help you identify fonts.

  1. Take photos of signs on the street
  2. Select 3 signs
  3. Create a new InDesign file with 3 pages.
  4. On each page, place one of your signs
  5. On each page, recreate one of the words in the sign using InDesign
    • Find the correct font to use
    • If you find the correct font family but it doesn’t have the exact sub-category, use the Character palette in InDesign to make it look like the font you need.
    • Make a note of what font you used & if you had to use any tools in the Character palette such as Horizontal Scale.
  6. Repeat for each page.
  7. See below:
  8. findthefont



Example 1


Example 2


Example 3