NAME into Logo

Your Name into a Logo
We will use the 7 principals explored in Typographic Contrast
  1. You may use your name, initials or any combination to create a Logo for yourself.
  2. First create 3 different versions using these principals:
    • Version 1: contrast in size
    • Version 2: contrast in form
    • Version 3: contrast in weight
  3. Next use Illustrator to typeset and finesse the letters to create 2 logo forms.
    • see example layoutlogo
  • Make sketches on paper first
  • Final Version should be exported as a PDF
When thinking about your logo development, look around at all the logos you encounter. What makes one more successful than another?
Think about these design principles which are part of your toolbox:
  • Grouping
  • Hierarchy
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Active white space

Tip 1.

Make sure your name, or a part of your name, is visible. Whether it’s your initials or your full name, make it clear on the logo. You want people, specifically prospective employers, to be able to remember your name. The goal is to associate your name with the set of skills that you want to market.

Tip 2611

Keep it simple. The key to a successful logo is that it gives a clear image of what you want to portray in the simplest way possible. If it has too many colors, frills, etc., it’ll be confusing and the message might be lost. The simpler the better—that way it’s easier for the brain to remember. Use only one or two colors. Don’t make the design so intricate that’s it’s hard to see the details if the logo were placed on a small business card.