Project – Magazine Article Design

Bring in a magazine whose style & content you like. You will be using the style to create a new (imaginary) article.

For this project, you are a junior designer working at a magazine.
You are asked to design a feature article spread. On a job like this, you must follow the established art direction of the magazine. In any magazine there is continuity from article to article.
To understand the art direction, you must examine the following:

  1. Study the ‘visual language’ of the magazine.
    1. Outline the following:
      1. What kind of font is being used? What is the stress in the font? What kind of serif?
      2. Are there page numbers? Where is the placement on the page?
      3. How is photography used?
  2. Come up with a topic that is within the scope of the magazine
    1. Decide on a title & subtitle
    2. We will use ‘Lorem Ipsum” for the body copy
    3. Gather images that you need.
  3. Size will be no more than 2 spreads – each page is 8.5″x 11″






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