This course meets on Mondays– 9am -12:50pm in Room 1201 (2 W.13th;  Wednesdays-9am-12:50pm, Room 803, (Arnold Hall) and Fridays – 9am -12:50pm in Room 1201 (2 W.13th) & 2pm-5:50pm Room N005 (Basement, 66 5th Ave). It is broken into 3 major sections: The first section is an introduction to Typography in “Poster about a Typeface”. The second section explores Expressive Typography in a Poem Book project. The third is a Graphic Identity/Branding project project

Please download the complete syllabus from Blackboard.

Course Outline

Weeks 1-2 (2 weeks) Research Methods

During the first2 weeks, we will investigate Typography through creating a Poster about a Typeface. Employing different research methods, you will draw on resources in New York City, museum/gallery visits, the school library and online database and the Internet among others.  You will gather information using photography, downloads and drawing. Your research will be compiled and evaluated, so that you can present it in an interesting and effective design. We will begin to make layouts using InDesign.

Project 1:  Poster About a Typeface – Each student will choose a typeface from a given list and create a poster which includes examples of the typeface family and related contextual images, including the typeface designer.

Weeks 2-3

Form, Subject and Content – Principles of design are reviewed and we investigate how these relate to effective visual communication. You will practice the principles of designing with type and the visual representation of ideas. You will examine meaning and representation in imagery. Ideation, narrative, scale, metaphor and sequence are also explored.

Project: Poem Book – Each student will choose a short poem. You will research and create imagery that relates to or illuminates the text, exploring the use of typography in both straightforward and expressive ways. Consider how you can create a sense of continuity from one spread to the next using a visual “thread” that carries through the book.

One Topic: Two Different Contexts

In the final weeks, we will explore the relationship between subject matter, concept, context, medium and content. You will integrate methodology, aesthetics, human factors, technology and materials to develop strategies and forms for communicating one subject within two different contexts.

Project: Branding – Logo, Shopping Bag, Event Invitation – Each student will choose a retail store and create a promotional branding campaign based on a specific art history period. After conducting research on the store and the period of art history, students will create an imaginary store promotion based on an art historical theme. The promotion will include creation of: a logo, shopping bag and an event invitation.

Project: Semester CD Portfolio – Students will assemble their semester projects into one PDF portfolio presentation which will be burned onto a CD with a cover design.


This course involves project-based inquiry into the relationships between subject matter, concept, context, medium and content. Students investigate how subject, concept and context influence the choice of medium and how a medium can influence content, direct a project toward a particular context.

Students learn to develop strategies for communicating in a variety of forms, media and contexts for a single subject, event, cause or product that may be real or fictitious, historical or contemporary.

The course builds on the design issues, principles and elements introduced in 2D Integrated Studio. Students extend their knowledge of visual communication through an introduction to information design, page layout and typography. Throughout the semester, various media and technical skills are introduced, as needed, so that students can investigate and manifest the course content.

Final Grade Calculation

Participation /Attendance       40%

Project   1                                     20%

Project   2                                    20%

Project   3                                    20%

TOTAL                                         100%