Typesetting Practice

We will and look at how to effectively use a Headline, Subhead and body copy by typesetting a page from the New York Times.

  • This is an introduction to setting type.
  • What are the basic ways to manipulate type and thus create emphasis on a page?

You will design a typical “Section” from the NY Times using the paper example.

Your goal is to figure out the spacing, font type & size, column organization, etc on a typical NYTimes Section page.

Download a zip file with pictures and text here

  1. Create a 11×17″ InDesign File
  2. Work with the text doc to create a Section page from the New York TImes.
  3. Use one or more of the photos alongside the text
  4. You can create one large page or several smaller pages that run together.
  5. Print your file