Using Photoshop with InDesign

If you’re new to using Indesign or Photoshop, certain things can be confusing.  I will list some steps here.

  1.  Open an image in Photoshop (com O)
  2. Create a New file in Indesign (com N)
  3. Place an image into Indesign (com D)

As reviewed in class:


  • Image files should be saved in .TIFF format for print
  • Any image for print should be 300 dpi (Photoshop>Image size)
  • Resolution & resizing in Photoshop: (Photoshop>Image size>unclick Resample>resolution 300 & the file size will automatically be smaller in dimension)
  • JPG files are for the web (Photoshop>Save for web)


  • There are 2 boxes that hold an image:
    • the blue bounding box is the area the image sits inside
    • the orange bounding box is the image size (be careful of distorting the dimensions using this box. Hold down shift key to keep dimensions proportional)
  • To make an image display properly: click on Image; Object>Display Performance>High Quality
    • The High quality will remain only while the file is open. It goes away once the file is closed.
  • Export (com D) file as a PDF (for print, not interactive)